Example letters to the Bishop

Please use these letters as a general guide.
Do not copy word for word.
Letter #1
February 8, 2013

Your Excellency,

My name is Jackie Johnson and I am a 10th grade student at St. Phillip’s Parish in Worchester, MN. I am currently preparing for Confirmation and I wanted to share a couple of my experiences.

We were asked to select a sponsor at the beginning of the Confirmation process. I thought it was difficult at first to ask someone to fill this role. But then Tricia, a friend of the family, said yes. During the process, Tricia and I attended a retreat, participated in sponsor and candidate sessions and volunteered to do service work together. I particularly enjoyed the time we spent serving a meal for the local soup kitchen. It was then that I realized, again, how fortunate I am to come from such a good family and live where I do.

I am the oldest of three children. I enjoy participating in cheerleading, soccer, drama, and the youth events at my parish. My parents are involved in the parish as Eucharistic ministers. They have been good role models for what it means to live out my faith.

When you come to St. Phillip’s on October 9th, I want to be confirmed to publicly state that my faith is important to me and it’s something I plan to work on the rest of my life.

I look forward to meeting you.

---Hand Written Signature Here----

Jackie Johnson

Letter #2
January 23rd, 2013

Most Reverend John M. Quinn,

Hello. My name is Mark Smith and I am currently preparing for Confirmation. I am 16 years old and I am a sophomore at Kennedy High School in Farmington, MN. I have been preparing for Confirmation for almost two years now and I want to be confirmed.

I want to be confirmed because I have been preparing for this sacrament and I am ready. I have learned that Confirmation is not the end of my faith life, but just the beginning. I am ready to take my faith seriously, become active in my parish, and live out my faith through service.

I have had several service experiences throughout the past couple of years that have been very meaningful to me. One service project in particular was important to me. I had the opportunity to go on a mission trip with my parish youth group to Texas. There we built houses for people in need. The days were long and the work was hard. But at the end of the trip I could look back on what we accomplished and I realized that we had done a lot for someone in need.

Confirmation means that I am ready and willing. I am ready to live out my faith with the help of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I feel that I have been well prepared for Confirmation through all of the classes, service projects, faith sharing and small group sessions I have attended.

Thank you for your time.


---Handwritten Signature Here---

Mark Smith