Service Summaries

Each Confirmation candidate is expected to complete 3 different types of service activities. When all 3 service activities have been completed, the candidate is expected to write a Service Summary.

This Service Summary should be typed, at least one page long, and include the following:

How did I fulfill each of the three types of service activities this year?  (Describe each service activity)

Next, pick one of the service opportunities to reflect on with the following questions:

What expectations did I have about this service?
Was the experience what I imagined?
How did I feel before the service? How did I feel after?
What did I notice about the people I helped or the people I worked with?
Where did I see Christ in this service? (Read Matthew 25:35-40)
How does service help me prepare for Confirmation?
How can I actively serve after Confirmation?
Would I participate in these service opportunities again? 
Why or why not?
(If no, what service would you like to try instead?)

All Service Summaries are due in the Faith Formation Office by Monday, March 11, 2013.